About Me

Hi, I am Jaana Kulmala. I'm The Happy Bootstrapper.

Welcome to my online business diary!

I want to create myself a job I don't want to retire from. I'm happily experimenting in affiliate marketing, info-product creation and software production. I want to earn my pennies doing something meaningful.

Creating "passive income" is not passive work at all, but it's great fun!

This is not my first try at web business. I have failed. I have learned. And I am ready to go again - as many times as is needed.

I was fortunate enough to be able to resign from my day job in May 2012. After working 13 years as a software developer and UI designer in a large multinational company I finally felt it was right time to pursue my dreams.

I live in Tampere, Finland, with my husband Kari.

My main blog is The Happy Bootstrapper. It is targeted to micro businesses and SaaS owners. But if you are just starting out, you'll enjoy it more here. 

I  want to connect with other bootstrappers and people who are either already living on online income or building their own affiliate or product businesses.

Yes, that's you. Please comment and let me know you visited.

I will not follow any posting schedule - I'll post when I have something to say. I will update the statistics at the beginning of each month.


  1. Hi Jaana,

    I'm Khalid from Egypt. I was inspired by the way you managed to plan and gain support and enthusiasm for applying ur plan, good luck :).

    I'm new to infopreneuring and internet marketing, i have a somehow similar dream to urs.

    check out this blog, this guy - Pat Flynn - made an ebook regarding how to make a passive income using ebooks. Review the blog and download the ebooks, it's free.

    I hope this helps :) ... Good luck.

    There is another idea in IM called Offline Gold, which is online marketing for offline local businesses, i think you might like that. If you're considering that, you can contact me on k.bahajjaj@gmail.com so we can discuss it.

    Congrats for your paradigm shift again, and good luck for both of us :)

  2. Hi Khalid, thank you for your comment.

    I'm glad that have been able to inspire you. Thank you for your tips also!

    I do like Pat's blog. I have his blog and several other good blogs listed in my Other Stream Creators page that you can access from the tab leaves at the top of the page.

    Offline Gold was new thing to me, although SBI! did present similar ideas. However, I'll be very busy for some time with SBI! so I'll leave Offline Gold for later

    I wish you good luck too!

  3. Hi Jaana

    Do you wanna do business together?

    Mail me at szabocpa@gmail.com

    I'm here to help, 3 yrs of experience.
    I'm willing to share my best knowledge.

  4. Hi Jaana,

    Is there an email where I can get in contact with you>?

    1. Sure, you can mail me at jaana.j.kulmala at gmail.com

  5. Hi Jaana,

    I've also just started out... I came across your blog and I found it very well organized. I hope I can connect with you and get some tips!

    Thanks for your time!


    1. Hi Alf,

      I'm glad you enjoy this blog and I hope I can help you forward with my tips. Good luck with your business!


  6. Hi Janna,

    I found your blog through a posting on Squidoo about SBI. I'm still trying to find the best way to make passive income and I found your blog to be so helpful and full of great information!


    1. Hi Cat,

      Thanks. Good luck for your search, I hope you'll find a way that suits you best!