Saturday, June 1, 2013

May 2013 - Yet Another Record-Breaking Month

Passive Income: $233 
Costs: $30

Yay - This is f**cking awesome! You guessed right, this money is coming from SiteBuildIt (SBI). If I shop in the right places, this $200 is going to go a long way.   

Actually, I didn't rush to a thrift shop - I rushed to GoDaddy shop. I bought yet another domain and the cheapest hosting to go with it. And... I started another niche website. I used the SBI tools for the keyword research and I'm super happy with my baby site. It has a much greater potential than the old one.

Getting this sudden burst of income also motivated me to work on my SBI site again. I added a couple of articles and did some back-linking.

I'm monetizing with affiliate marketing. That means I forward my traffic to people who sell interesting things and when they buy something, I'll get a share. This month one of my affiliates made $700 on the traffic I sent, and another made $500. This motivates me to work on my own products so that I can be the one at the end of the virtual food-chain.