This is a list of tools, books and courses for bootstrappers and affiliate businesses. I'll list all the nice stuff I use myself and really like. Plus, at the end you'll find a list of resources I have tried and do not recommend.

Please note that when possible, I'm using affiliate links. It means I'll get pennies if you choose to buy that tool/product/course. This does not cost you anything and I always tell you my true opinions on the resources. 


  • SiteBuildIt (aka. SBI!): A 10-day course to start up a web business on a topic you feel passionate about. The course has a process for selecting a topic that is popular enough and that has chances to be monetized. Then you'll build a site on that subject. This is a perfect course for a beginner who wants to concentrate on learning how to make business - and not on technical details. Huge amount of learning material and tools for creating content. Also, no extra costs - the domain hosting and all the tools are included in the price.

    My SiteBuildIt! Reviews:

  • 30x500: Recipe for a successful business? Sell something worth of $30 for 500 people per month and you have it. 4 months to learn all tricks needed, starting in November 2012. The course is run by Amy Hoy, the creator Let's Freckle and Charm. She's been there and she has done it - several times. There are no free seats left for this round - you'll have to wait for the next one! 

    My 30x500 Reviews:

Tools And Software

  • WP Engine: This WordPress hosting service makes sure you'll be up and running all the time. Read my review here
  • RescueTime: Let's you know where you procrastinate while online. Unlike regular time trackers, you don't have to remember to record anything, RescueTime spies your activity on its own and sends you a weekly report.
  • Let's Freckle: The prettiest time tracking application there is. I have the free plan and I'm using it to track hours for my passive income project. You can read more in Sharpen Your Focus With Freckle.
  • LastPass: Stores your passwords in one place and auto-fills them while you surf. I use it for storing and creating passwords for the affiliate programs I use. Their system is pretty secure, but any system can be broken. For that reason I don't save my critical passwords into LastPass. I'm using the free plan.

Books For Online Startups 

Books for Self-Development

  • Stumbling on Happiness, by Daniel Gilbert. A delightful read on how lousy we are at evaluating what will make us happy. A real eye-opener for planning one's future. The witty British writing style captures the reader and guarantees good laughs, even though the book is heavily science-based.
  • Predictably Irrational, by Dan Ariely. Lot's of useful information about human irrationalities in a fun to read package.
  • You Can Heal Your Life, by Louise Hay. A lovely program for working on your limiting beliefs. I have the colorful gift edition that does not seem to be available anymore. This is a book that helps you to love yourself and grow into a direction you want.
  • The Ascent of Humanity, by Charles Eisenstein. This brick of a book is freely readable online. This was the book that changed the direction of my life. It led me to believe again that there indeed is a possibility for a more beautiful world. 

Steve Pavlina's Passive Income Series

When I started this blog in 2012 I was inspired by Steve Pavlina's Passive Income Series. It's a good read if you want to become motivated to jump off the rat race. The series was discontinued/delayed in December 2012 as Steve did not reach the goal he set to himself. But that's life.

Courses And Tools I Don't Recommend


  1. Jaana -

    First: I love, love, love the new blog design you've chosen.

    I am now reading 'You Can Heal Your Life' for the second time. I found an old, beat-up copy of the book in the lobby of an apartment I lived in (it had a small 'free book exchange' box). It has fallen into a million pieces as I've read and written in it and I keep having to fasten it back together with tape...but I digress. I've been reading it every morning for the past several weeks, and it has been just what I needed.

    Anyway, thanks for your recent kind comment on my blog. I am looking forward to seeing what you do in 2013. Wishing you the best.


    1. Hi Cindy!

      Thanks. I've read all your blog entries, and you have written really interesting posts lately, but I'm a lazy commentor :)

      I absolutely love Louise's book. I enjoy having power to change my attitudes etc.

      See you around,