Wednesday, July 11, 2012

$1000 Passive Income Site Walkthrough

Meet Becky Turner, a successful affiliate.

At May 1012 she made $7000 from her affiliate business that includes several sites. Most of her income comes from her site that sells her own eBook, Lucid Dreaming Fast Track. But I am more interested in her site called Improve Vision Naturally that earns her $1000-1500 per month. That is the income range I am targeting now. At the time Allan interviewed Becky that site had 13.000 unique visitors per month. 

When I first saw her page my first impression was - I could do that too! I know a product that changed my life too. At that time her site was looking much different than today though. It had just a fraction of the content that it has today. What it tells me? Start small, test the concept, make it larger later.

As Becky started with SBI! this is a perfect learning opportunity for me. Becky is well into her business, so I will not hurt her by analyzing her site. Can I spot what is really important?


When evaluating things in the web it is well worth checking how old the information is. In this case, I want to know when Becky started and how long it took her to build up the site.

Becky's domain was registered 2008 and the site of the product she advertises, Rebuild Your Vision, was registered 2002. Ten years and still going strong. As we can see here, good info-products can have a long life!

What Problem Becky Solves?

Her site is an honest review of a course that helps people to improve their vision with eye exercises. A lots of people are searching for help on this issue, but many of them go for laser surgeries. Becky wants to help people who want to try natural remedies first.

Market Research - Is The Problem Worth Solving? 

I expected to work hard to find out Becky's keywords, but I just needed to open the html and it gives me the following keyword list:
"eye exercises, improve vision naturally, better vision naturally, improve vision, nearsightedness, vision exercises, Rebuild Your Vision"
Let's see how Google ranks Becky's site for those searches. Here are all the searches that show Becky's site on the first 2 pages of results:

Improve vision naturally - 9900 searches per month - Becky's site is 6th in the results
Better vision naturally    - 4400 searches per month - Becky's site is 7th in the results
Rebuild your vision        - 2400 searches per month - Becky's YouTube video is 2nd in the results

She has keywords listed that have 50.000-90.000 searches per month, but those above are the keywords that actually show her site. Of course, as she works to put more content to her site, she may eventually be able to tap to those larger searches too.

I don't think that these searches are able to get her all of that 13.000 people per month. That would mean almost everybody searching for those keywords would go to Becky's site. I'm guessing she has some other means to drive traffic to her site that I just cannot see now.

I am quite surprised that a successful passive income site can be built on a topic that has this little searches. What a great inspiration!

I did a full market research for these keywords using method Vic describes in his Getting Rich With eBooks course that I am on now. All the results don't fit here and I will not bore you with them, but I do want to mention one thing. It does not really matter if you get a lot of visitors, if they are not in a buying mindset. Only visitors that are going to buy matter. Becky has succeeded in picking keywords that bring in people who want to buy something.

How To Monetize It - The Affiliate Program

The affiliate program that Becky uses is here: She gets $25 per sale. For $1500 per month that means 60 sales. 60 out of 13.000 is 0,5%

If you have been using large scale affiliate programs, like Amazon Affiliates, the provision may look high to you. But in ebooks they just often are that high. 

You also may have thought that more people would buy. Well, as I said that depends on the audience and I think 0,5% is well done. So on a topic like this that is what I can expect to have myself. Or maybe a bit less. Becky is a writer by profession and I assume English is her native language.

Next Step - Just Do It

This is how far my current skills get me. Of course I could also analyze the structure of her web page or the content on it, but I'll leave that to later. I'll do it when I am writing my own site.

Some time ago I would have just started writing it right away. And yes, I did the market research for my topic already. But this time I am going to let other people help me. That will dramatically increase my chance for success. I don't want to take any more rounds of trying and making stupid little mistakes that crash my project.

So instead of tackling this myself, I'm going to go to the SBI! order page and join the course. No more waiting, I'm doing it right now.

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