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  1. Thanks for the awesome resource, Janna! I'm really happy to connect with other people doing the passive income experiment. Much aloha~


  2. I'm super excited to be a part of this! I've started a podcast featuring Steve's articles, and I'd be incredibly grateful to anyone who wants to give suggestions regarding which of his ideas/posts they'd like to be able to listen to. It's at :D Hope you're all doing fantastically!
    - Chris Calabro

    1. Me too! Thanks for the update, it is nice that you stopped by. I added a link to your new site next to your blog link.

      I don't listen much podcasts myself. I read much faster than people talk, so I prefer reading whenever that is an option :)

      I hope you'll get lots of listeners and ideas!

    2. Thanks for posting the link! I really appreciate it. I read faster than people talk too... so I play all my audio at 2x speed haha :)

    3. LOL! Chris, that is a fun idea, I need to try sometime!

  3. Thank you Jaana for creating this resource. I am glad I can now follow along with other people.

  4. This is awesome, thanks to the analytics from my blog, I found your blog. I guess this is how the world keeps spinning huh!
    Congratulations on your commitment, I'll be following and supporting you in making your passive income dreams come true.

    Let me know if you ever need any help with content curation, there are some great tools out there that can potentially help you.

  5. Thank you Kurt, you made me smile :)

    I take all help I can get! I had to google what "content curation" means, so I definitely need help with that.

  6. Hi Jaana,

    Love your blog! It's really exciting to read about someone else's experiences. I really sense that you are driven and persistent and am confident that you will succeed.

    I read Steve Pavlina's passive income series and was spurred into action by it, but I had begun my foray into IM a few months prior. I'm currently meeting all my basic living expenses (granted, I keep them quite low!) with the passive income I make off of the eBooks I've written, and my income seems to be increasing by $300-400 USD every month. I still work 15 hours a week as a music teacher, but I enjoy that job very much and think I will continue to do it even after my income grows.

    I'm looking to connect with other passive income creators just to talk and share ideas. I've started a personal blog over at and would love to be included in your list.

    Thanks, and best of luck in your endeavors!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Cindy!

      I added your blog to the list, I hope the category is right. I must say that I like your blog very much. And to see that you are earning that much already! Well done.

      I wish I can soon get to similar income that you are getting now :)