Sunday, August 12, 2012

Week 13 - Creating Site Content

Here is my Freckle pulse from last week:

That is 25 hours. Most of it was content creation for my new SiteBuildIt! site. The site is up, it looks fine and I'm proud of it.

It does not have much traffic yet, but I am already scoring a tiny stream of visitors from some Google searches.

Creating the articles is great fun, although I think I'm maybe using a bit too much time for them. But I try to create unique articles that give great value to the readers. With SiteBuildIt! it is easy to pick subjects for articles and the tools make sure that the articles really get into the lists when people search for them.

This week I'll start my second vacation for this summer. I'll probably cannot keep my hands off my SiteBuildIt! site content, but you won't be getting updates in this blog.

See you in 4 weeks or so!

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