Monday, September 3, 2012

Travel Series - How To Spend Your Passive Income

I just noticed Steve's tweet about a meetup in Oslo, Norway. I was in Norway this June and we passed Oslo by less than a hundred kilometers, so that hit me. Then I found out that Steve has an interest in traveling. How fun!

I got an instant inspiration to share my travel experience and some things I've learned on the way.

And... I ended up writing a lot, so I just had to split it into several blog posts. I also found myself writing about attitudes and beliefs needed in traveling - a subject I assume Steve don't have much problems with.

Not Your Regular Travel Guide

I'm definitely not going to deliver regular travel tips. You'll find plenty of bible-sized travel guides telling their truth on what to see and where to go.

What everybody likes is so personal!

I feel that sometimes guides and pre-planning distract you from what is important. It makes you concentrate on places instead of people and life.

Yes, you'll be sporting off nice travel photos of places your friends know, but... did you get the experience you came for - or did you just stand in different queues waiting to check out the places?

I don't think this applies for Steve, but lots of people start by doing just that and for a while they'll be happy with that. That's fine. Everything goes.

Even though the first tips article is quite general, I wrote them both from the viewpoint of traveling in Europe.

My Greetings From Piemonte, Italy

I love traveling. I started in my mid-twenties and during the last 10 years I've visited over 30 countries with my husband Kari. In fact, my first eBook is going to be a specialty travel guide. Thanks to Cindy and her tips on eBooks, its going to be out quite soon.

We started with ready-made tours and handicapped by our beliefs. Traveling forces you to grow. That, or you grow to hate traveling.

With time, we found our own traveling style. And we changed. In the last 4-5 years we have been extensively traveling in Europe. No reservations, we just go.

Lately, we have been returning to Italy over and over again. Actually, we are in Piemonte right now. We rode here on our motorcycle, starting from Finland (we stay there most of the year) and going through Sweden, Germany and Switzerland on the way. Below is a picture I snapped yesterday.

Why Italy? Well, we love the food. Also, the people here have a wonderful attitude and they are naturally in line with the beliefs that we want to establish at the moment.

What have beliefs to do with traveling? Well, everything.

Stay tuned for the Part II - Traveling Beliefs: Human Unity and Hospitality.

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