Monday, October 1, 2012

September Status Report (Week 20)

Time for the monthly report!

Passive Income In September 2012 

 Oops. I did not get anything from SiteBuildIt! this month and it looks like my passive income went back to what it was before. Adsense and AdFly helped me to get at least something.

I did get an Amazon affiliate sale from my SiteBuildIt! site, but it was an item that was delivered by external seller - so I guess I don't get any pennies from that. But that is a beginning... It is my first affiliate sale from that site. I wish I'll soon get sales for my main product that has higher commissions.

Costs In September 2012 

Costs include my last payment to Getting Rich With eBooks 3.0. I spent $400 dollars in it, but somehow my book is not out yet.

Costs also include my monthly payment to SiteBuildIt!.

I did not include $2.450 for 30x500. Why? Because it was not paid from the project budget and it starts at November, too late to bring in anything before Christmas. I'll keep it separately in the status page.

Time Is Getting Short

After I got back from my vacation, I have been working on trying to get back-links to my SiteBuildIt! site. It has been more tricky than I expected. I'm also adding content to the site all the time. I have a nice trickle of traffic going on there, but I need more.

I think that site has potential to earn me 1.000 € per month, but I'd need some kind of a traffic miracle to get it by Christmas.

The travel book that I planned is going to get delayed. We decided to write it together with my husband later on.

I have another book idea that is connected to my SiteBuildIt! site. I'm going to roll that out, hoping it will sell AND bring traffic to my SiteBuildIt! site. If the book breaks through, I have some chance of getting to my goal.

I'm not going to stress about it. Money is important, but I'm building a business here. I am still confident that I'll reach my monetary goal - eventually.

I have already broken the SiteBuildIt! rules on monetizing, with hopes that I'd get some pennies from my site earlier. I hope that was not a bad decision. But in general I'm trying to not let the upcoming deadline affect my decisions on what I should do. I want to create quality content.

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