Thursday, November 1, 2012

October 2012 Status Report

Passive Income In October 2012

I'm getting just a trickle of pennies from AdFly, Adsense and SiteBuildIt!

Costs In October 2012

I'm happy to see the costs coming down. I'm still paying SiteBuildIt! monthly and plan to continue with it. I spent the other $30 to books. I needed those as a study material for my own book.

I can't build a 1000€ passive income stream by Christmas 2012

You may call me an early quitter if you want, but I've stopped believing my current goal is reachable to me. That is my subjective reality. I don't feel like I'd be quitting, I feel like I'm moving on.

Due to the collaborative 30x500 prep work I'm beginning to see where I really stand. When I started this project I thought I knew a lot about passive income. Now I know I knew very little.

My approach has been far from optimal. Actually, my approach was like shooting into the dark, hoping to hit something. Thanks to 30x500 I'm seeing that now and I believe it can be changed. But realizing all the strategic mistakes I've made has eaten up the motivation to work.

I don't want to publish new products with my faulty process. 

So, I've been procrastinating. I've tried to push myself to work on my project, but the motivation is gone. I'm going to quit procrastinating now and give myself a permission to NOT work on this project.

I've written over 20 pages for my book, but publishing it does not seem like a smart thing to do. Not now.

I have been mulling over this a lot. On the other hand I feel I should "just do it", but from my new viewpoint I'd be publishing a dead baby. Everything is an experience, but nothing happens without a motivation.

What next?

I still love SiteBuildIt! and my blogs - I'm not going to abandon them. I'm going to continue the pursuit for increasing my passive income - even though this project has made me realize that building passive income takes a lot of work.

30x500 starts next week and I'm targeting to be the next star student.

I'll be updating the stats until the old goal is due and then I'll put up a new goal. For now, just studying and doing 30x500 is enough. Of course I'd love to start increasing my income right away, but there is some learning to do first.

I'll also continue with SiteBuildIt. I kinda see SBI! compatible with 30x500 base ideology. In it you just don't go to the "Customer Safari" to search for your audience. Instead, you'll express your own worldview and attract a compatible audience over the first year or two. No wonder it takes time to earn with that approach! Yet, the approach is solid and the course is really useful. My traffic is in solid increase and I enjoy having the site. I'm still at day 8. Two more to go!

I'll continue posting on the topics of passive income and product building as I stumble to interesting things. Thanks for helping me with this project!


  1. Hey Jaana. Thanks for sharing where you currently are with your projects. It's always good to hear your thoughts, insights and challenges. Sorry to hear you won't be able to hit your passive income goal this year. I'm sure it must feel a bit deflating after all the hard work. But I'm sure you are much closer now then you were a year ago.

    I've had projects where I have worked for months only to then realize that I was doing everything wrong and start over. At first I would be frustrated but after a while I realized that this was needed. The time struggling was necessary for me individually because there were a lot of lessons I did not understand. Otherwise I would not have struggled. It's annoying but it's something I must accept.

    So stay positive. Maybe a brief mental break would help you get re-energized and refocus.

    I'd be interested in knowing which strategic mistakes you think you made. Things which you wish you knew before that you know now. I think that would be helpful to all your readers.

    P.S You mentioned having some issues with procrastination. Have you read the Now Habit by Niel Fiore? It's one of the best books I've read on procrastination. I read it every 6 months or so to make the lessons sink in. Could be helpful to you. Best of luck!

    1. Hey Mat! Thanks for your kind words. *Hugs*

      Actually, I don't feel deflated. I have this feeling my goal was poorly chosen. Even though I cannot now get the money stated in the goal, I've learned so much and enjoyed my time learning, it more than makes up for it.

      I love to read your insights and I definitely agree. I am composing a "mistakes" post, but it will take some time.

      Thanks for the book tip. It looks solid. I just ordered Power of Habit (by Duhigg) and Stumbling on Happiness (by Gilbert) last week. I think I only have problems with procrastination when I try to force myself to do things that I am not aligned with. In which case the most beneficial thing is just to realize what I am doing and drop the bad project.

  2. Hey Jaana. *Hugs* right back at you :-)

    That's great that you dont' feel deflated. Awesome.

    Excellent book choices. Now I want to hear your thoughts on how the book applies to your journey to passive income. Seems like I always have some future post suggestions for you haha.

    Looking forward to seeing your progress. Keep up the great work.

    1. Thanks azmat!

      Both of the books were recommended in 30x500, I did not come up with them myself. Stuff from these books is included in the lessons, and we are to apply the ideas from these books. 30x500 is as much about self-developments as it is about product creation.

      I finished Stumbling to Happiness yesterday and I do see how the information in the book will take me forward as I've had many of the misconceptions the book tells about.