Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Year 2012 In Review

December 2012 saw me earning $5.5 and paying $30. My best month this far was August, with $25 incoming.

My total passive income this year was $85 - and I worked pretty hard to get it. Compared to my goals, I already claimed failure in October.

Let's say it out loud - I don't have a business yet. In fact, I've spent $650 on this fine "hobby" of mine. And that's NOT counting $2.500 I spent on 30x500.

But Oh Boy, Have I Learned!

I must admit I had no idea what I was about to do when I started in May. I saw only a fraction of the opportunities possible and I was not effective in processing information. Still, I learned a ton.

  • I learned web style article writing
  • I learned about different ways to make money online
  • I learned how to do keyword analysis
  • I learned different ways to get traffic
  • I learned the process of publishing eBooks for Kindle
  • I learned a new programming language
  • I learned how to install new habits (that get stuff done)
  • I learned how to mine data in the internet 
  • I learned how to create mailing lists
  • I learned how reversing pains and creating value is what sells
  • I learned all business starts from exchange - from the audience 

I Have Gained A Lot Too

Although I did not proceed with the speed I hoped for, I still created and published things. I'm grateful for everything I've achieved this year.

  • I created my first web app (even though it never saw daylight)
  • I've met wonderful people through this blog
  • I belong to a community of like-minded people (in 30x500)
  • I have been given a donation
  • I have my SBI site with over 700 visitors per month
  • I still keep getting YouTube subscribers for the programming video I made
  • I have this blog, with 1.300 visits per month
  • I have grown my favorite hobby blog to 15.000 visitors per month
  • I feel great for creating stuff people like

Best Of All, I'm Free!

Actually, my husband resigned last month so we are both free now. And we are enjoying it!

I haven't regretted resigning for a second. Fortunately for us, we are minimalists. No car, no TV and small expenses. That means we don't struggle financially for a while yet.

This year, we saw the Geiranger Fjord in Norway and Piemonte hills in the Italy, riding though the scenery with our motorcycle. I've again found out I love slow travel. We've met wonderful people on our travels. 

I was pretty amazed to realize how my mindset has started to change with the freedom. The truth is, nothing prevented me from pursuing my goals before. This year, I have not done anything I could not have done while I was working. But I did not. I had a slave mindset - a worker mindset. It will still take me some time to fully grow to the entrepreneur mindset, but I can see myself getting there.

I wish you all happy new year 2013! 
Let's make this year unforgettable!


  1. Hey Jaana. Happy New Year!!!

    It's great to read about all the things you learned in 2012. All of this is going to help you so much as you move forward.

    Great to hear you and your husband traveling. I definitely have to check out Piermonte hills in Italy on a motorcycle. Sounds like a blast.

    I could not agree with you more about how freedom changes your mindset. This is something I have only recently begun to understand. I didn't realize how much I needed to unlearn from having a worker mindset ingrained in me all my life

    Even though I've been living off passive income for 2 years, I still felt somewhat trapped in an employee mindset. It was sort of a hybrid. Not completely a slave mindset but not completely free either.

    Like you I had no idea what I was getting myself into. But I'm so glad I made the decision to jump in try. I needed that time away to rewire my thinking. This was the only way I was going to really learn how to be free.

    It's great to hear about all the progress you are making. Looking at your list I think you're way ahead of me from when I started :-)

    Wish you the best for 2013. I know your going to kill it. Best of luck!

    1. Thanks Azmat! Happy new year!

      It's always nice to hear from your experiences.

      If you take on a motorcycle ride in Italy, I recommend going through the Stelvio Pass. However, you need decent motorcycling skills to enjoy it.

      It was good to hear that you were able to succeed before you had the mindset thing solved. I have been worrying if it will hinder me, so it was nice to hear your take on it. Even though I'm aware of it, I've had so many years of conditioning that it will probably take me couple of years to do the full mindset change.

      I wish you all the best for 2013!