Saturday, June 1, 2013

May 2013 - Yet Another Record-Breaking Month

Passive Income: $233 
Costs: $30

Yay - This is f**cking awesome! You guessed right, this money is coming from SiteBuildIt (SBI). If I shop in the right places, this $200 is going to go a long way.   

Actually, I didn't rush to a thrift shop - I rushed to GoDaddy shop. I bought yet another domain and the cheapest hosting to go with it. And... I started another niche website. I used the SBI tools for the keyword research and I'm super happy with my baby site. It has a much greater potential than the old one.

Getting this sudden burst of income also motivated me to work on my SBI site again. I added a couple of articles and did some back-linking.

I'm monetizing with affiliate marketing. That means I forward my traffic to people who sell interesting things and when they buy something, I'll get a share. This month one of my affiliates made $700 on the traffic I sent, and another made $500. This motivates me to work on my own products so that I can be the one at the end of the virtual food-chain.


  1. Hey Jaana. Thanks freaking awesome!!!

    Congrats. It's amazing to see how you started from nothing and have come this far. High Five! haha

    Was your income from your SBI site? Do you have ads or products on there?

    Always great to hear your progress. Let's see what happens next month. Cmonnnnn $300 :-)

    1. Hi azmat! Thanks!

      Sorry for the delay, I was motorcycling for a couple of days. It's lovely weather here in Finland.

      This was all affiliate income from SBI links in this site and my SBI site. I do have some ads on, but people don't seem to click on them.

      I doubt next month will be as good, but I'm super glad to see the income going up :)