Sunday, May 13, 2012

Let's Get Started

I am Jaana Kulmala. At the time of the writing I am 35 years old and living in Tampere, Finland. I wish you all welcome to follow and support me while I create my first larger scale passive income stream. I especially wish to connect with other people who are either already living on passive income or building their own passive income streams.

While I will create my stream I will tell you what I am doing. I will also try to tell you why I am doing those things. I will not follow any posting schedule, but instead post when I have something to say. I will update the statistics at the beginning of each month. Those of you who are thinking of starting your own streams will probably benefit most from my blog. You can read about what I am doing, plus I will also tell you where I have already failed. You can then reflect whether you could do the same yourself and learn from my mistakes before you make them yourself. I wish to inspire as many people as possible.

I never thought I would be starting a blog like this. But then, on Tuesday when I resigned my day job as a programmer I did not know I would be following Steve Pavlina's Passive Income Series either. I am an old reader to Steve's blog, but I visit it only now and then so I was not aware of the series until thursday this week.

When I reached the article Commit to Your Passive Income Goal and read Steve say: "I’m just the helper you’ve summoned into your reality to help you create this now", I felt very moved - he was talking to me. I really felt that way. I did summon you Steve, thank you for doing this for me! But as I realized Steve was writing for me, I also realized that by admitting it I was actively receiving a gift. If I receive a great gift, I often get a feeling that I must give back or forward a gift too. And following that type of instincts, seeing opportunities when they open before you, that is essential in succeeding to transform one's life. So now I'm here, forwarding that gift. I hope you will enjoy it.

Overall, this has been a really consuming rollercoaster week for me. When I resigned from the company that I have been working for 13 years I jumped to the darkness. I still have couple of weeks to linger in the office and teach my colleagues. I had no concrete plans, I just knew I was about to do "something" before new year. But I knew I had to close some doors before I could see and open other doors. And by Friday I had already received myself a teacher for the skills that I want/need to learn and Steve, to give me the focus and guidance. I am amazed.

If you are new to passive income, I am not suggesting that you should resign yourself now and start creating your stream as I am. Firstly, you don't have to resign your dayjob to succeed in creating passive income. Secondly, my transformation has started long ago and I have learned and processed things for several years. I have already changed inside - I am ready to take this step and finally apply those changes to my world. If you are new to this, I am suggesting you start by working on your attitude and world view and try creating your first stream from the point where you are now. Nothing needs to change, there is no threshold you need to pass, you can start today right from where you are. Getting passive income is not about working harder. It is about following your heart, doing what you love, focusing on important things and especially working smarter.

I also suggest that you'll also follow and read Steve's Passive Income Series, as my posts will be about how I'm following that series.


  1. This is a big goal. Sounds great!
    What field were you working in?

  2. Hi Nathan, thanks for stopping by. I am a Java specialist.

  3. Hey Jaana, great start. Looking forward to seeing you achieve your goal! I'm working on one too:

    I'll be cheering you on!

  4. Hi Melissa, thanks for stopping by. I added your page to the links page and when I have time I'll definitely come and visit your blog. I already took a quick look at it and it looks like you are already doing a lots of things. Product pages ready and all!