Monday, May 28, 2012

Week 2 - Status Report

OK, what have I done this week for my passive income stream... Not much, since this was my last week at work.

I was busy with competence transfer and I wanted to enjoy the last moments with my colleagues. I have worked for the same company for 13 years so it was a big thing for me to leave. I will surely miss my workmates.

But I still did do something in addition to reading Steve's blog posts and doing the exercises he gave.

I bought a domain and thought a bit about my budget.

My lovely husband/assistant/manager made a spreadsheet that contains our ideas and keywords.

I joined to SBI Affiliate Program and practiced using affiliate links in a proper context. In case you did not notice, my last blog post contained several affiliate links. And in case you did not notice, Steve's last blog post also contained affiliate links in a very effective context.

Steve says that he has helped thousands of people to find SBI. SBI Affiliate Program says that a people won earns you $75-$250. So 1000 people means... $75000-$250000. Not bad, huh?

In his Best Affiliate Programs article Allan Gardyne confesses that SBI is the biggest moneymaker for him. If you are interested in affiliate marketing, Allan's articles are a must-read. Before I started reading them I was not able to spot 80% of affiliate links at all. They are everywhere. And if they are presented properly, I am happy to click them.

I did not join to SBI Affiliate Program because others are making good money with it. I joined because I have already decided to take course. Becoming an affiliate is free and they have a massive amount of training material for their affiliates. But the best thing for me is that I am now able to see inside of one of the most successful affiliate marketing program. My jaw dropped to the floor when I saw that they have over 100 landing pages to gain interest of different people. And they also have free downloadable material for different groups (which are probably an excellent read even if you would not be taking the course). Becoming an affiliate is a good way to gain easy access to all that material and learn how the best affiliate programs are built. I think that joining to SBI Affiliate Program was probably the smartest thing I did this week. You'll get yourself a head full of material for free.

I also joined to GoDaddy and BlueHost affiliate programs. No need to put my eggs in a single basket. I have also joined several other affiliate networks, but as I did that before I even started this project I'm not listing them now.

How are you guys managing all your affiliate accounts?

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