Sunday, July 8, 2012

Week 8 - Finally Some Action!

This week I did the keyword research for my eBook ideas and picked the best idea for my book. Doing the research was a must - I would have picked a different idea without it. It took me some time to get started, but the next time keyword research session will be fast and easy for me. Vic's method and templates were really useful. We also planned some of the book content as the course homework.

I started to collect my ideas to a little notebook. That way I can put them aside without forgetting them. I no longer want to process my ideas before I have the keyword research results to back them up. Also, I am becoming more innovative as days pass by and I have ideas almost every day. They are also getting better - at least I think so!

I recently registered to Freckle, a time management tool that I told you about in my previous blog post. I just finished logging my first full week so I sat down and looked at my project pulse. I got in 13 hours. I should be working full time on my passive income project and this is what I get in? Where did the time go?

Well, this week I have been busy with the web app I am doing with WebServerGuru. So busy that I even dropped my fun hobby day. I think that is fine, but I cannot continue like this. Doing that work is important, but in order to reach my goal I need to get in more hours. So, in order to not slip into just fulfilling other people's dreams I made a schedule for the next week. A schedule that includes my fun day and a bit more work for the passive income project too.

I also noticed Steve's comment on Google+ about how people should not get overly excited about their goals. Why? Because you should be living your dream, and if you did, you would not be overly excited about it. It would just be your life.

I reflected that idea on myself. Fortunately I am already living my life as I want it to be in the future. I have great fun. But I still admit being overly excited about my passive income project. That is just how I am with new shiny things and projects. Give me one month more and the excitement will start to wear off as routine sets in. Give me 3 months and all this is just my daily work. That's how it goes, I know. Good for me, I don't need to show the results now. So even if this enthusiasm would have negative effect, it has time to wear off.

I am learning to accept the abundance in my life and I am showing it by supporting others who are in the same path. This week I bought a Bootstrapping Design eBook. It has a good sales speech and it is done by another startup bootstrapper. I want to support that!

Goals for the next week
  • Monday: Hobby programming
  • Tuesday & Thursday: Programming/learning web apps
  • Wednesday & Friday: Make a study of an affiliate site, then join SBI!
  • Watch the next lesson of Getting Rich With eBooks

Tip of the week

Log your time for a week. At the end of the week, take a look at what you did for your passive income project. How many hours did you put in? Did you do something that will take your passive income project forward? Will you reach your goal with your current input?

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