Monday, July 16, 2012

Week 9 - An Eye Opener

Here is my Freckle pulse from last week:

That is 15 hours. It is not as much as I hoped for, but I don't want to push myself either. At least the amount is getting up from previous week. That is nice and I want to keep that trend going.

Most of the hours were used on SiteBuildIt! course. Right now I feel it is a real eye opener to me. I did not know that there were so many little things to take care of when doing a passive income site. When I wrote my post $1000 Passive Income Site Walkthrough I thought I did pretty nice analysis, but I knew I was going to outgrow it. But I thought that would take maybe month or two months. Instead, it took less than a week. Had I started creating my site just based on that analysis, I would have missed so many things. I have also gotten plenty of nice new business/site ideas thanks to SBI! I'll try not to be overly excited about this, but well... it is a bit hard right now.

I reached all of the goals I set for myself last week, except "Watch the next lesson of Getting Rich With eBooks".

Right now I feel SBI! is so much more relevant to me. I do want to make an eBook too, but I can take my time. I do want to follow the schedule on that course, so I'll probably watch the next lesson this week or next week.

Tasks for the next week 

  • Monday: Hobby programming 
  • Tuesday, Thursday & Friday: SBI! 
  • Wednesday: Programming/learning web apps  
  • Watch the next lesson of Getting Rich With eBooks

Tip Of The Week

Accept help - let other people assist you. Admitting that you don't know something is not a problem. Not knowing that you don't know something essential is the problem.

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