Thursday, August 1, 2013

July 2013 - Hustling, Hustling and Hustling

Passive Income: $124 
Costs: $30

I updated the stats from last month too. I guess I took a minor Penguin 2 hit, looking at my traffic.

I've been hustling with my non-passive online income

Last month went in a breeze while hustling to get my first product out. I did that and launched at 17th July. 

I did get a nice pile of pennies, more than I'm getting here. Unfortunately there's not enough organic traffic yet to make any passive income though. 

The income that I report here is pretty much passive. I didn't spend huge amount of work to create the SBI site and it's running on it's own. Of course it's not earning me much, but it frees my hands to do other things.

The 30x500 way of doing online business on the other hand needs continuous hustling for longer. I have my plate full of work and at the moment I see no end to that. 

I love having my own product 

All that hustling doesn't bother me. I love finally having my own product online, especially when it's one that people really need and want. 

Even if it does require more work, I think it has just as much potential and it makes me less dependent from Google or the affiliate program providers. I don't like the idea that a simple change in algorithm can ruin my business or someone can just stop offering a product and all my work is wasted. 

Launching was a great thrill too. It was one of those moments that I'll remember the rest of my life. 

Yup, things are going fine :)

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