Saturday, June 30, 2012

Sedona Method Sucks! Is It Just Me?

I just listened the Sedona Method Audio from Steve's blog. It made me feel downright lousy. Angry too. Note that I just  wrote "made me feel" even though I know I am the one to react - no-one should be able to make me feel anything! That tells me something in itself.

When the audio told me to "switch polarity" of my thoughts from negative to positive, there was not enough time for me to raise the positive feeling that would have had any relation to the negative one,  and then he was already asking me to feel the negative side again! And that happened even though it took me quite a lot of digging to find the negative in the first place.

Fortunately I have learned a procedure to deal and release negative feelings from Louise Hay's lovely book You Can Heal Your Life so I was able to process and let go of my negative feelings. But had I not have that, Sedona Method would probably have ruined my day.

However, this was a healthy notification that it does one good to process the negative feelings too, instead of just pushing them under the positive. However, Sedona Method would not be my choice of doing that.

How did you feel about this audio? Does it work for you?


  1. Hi Jaana!

    I'm glad I found your blog. I have been debating on the ebook course Steve recommended for a month now...Did you need the full 10 days of free trial to go through the available content in Vic Johnson's program?

    I too listened to the Sedona method podcast and decided it's not for me, at least right now. I recently tried the free Lefkoe method link from Steve too and liked it much more for eliminating a negative belief.

    1. Hi Kelly!

      The 10 day trial lets you access 2 videos that are both under 2 hours, if I recall correctly. He does give you some homework on both videos, but it is up to you how much time you use on them.

      The menus are visible there, but the videos only appear as time goes by. Unless you pay the whole package in advance, which I did not do.

      I don't think there is a free trial on that program (at least I have not seen one). I explained the content in more detail here:

    2. Yeah, and the Lefkoe. I tried that too. I think it is ok, but I still like You Can Heal Your Life better.

  2. Oops, I didn't mean to write free trial. You're right is about $12. Now that you've continued into the first month are you still happy with the information you're learning and looking forward to further menus becoming activated? Or are you becoming overwhelmed?

    Thanks though. I think I will activate the trial now and go through the two videos by Friday before I go on vacation for a week and mull it over.

    I do think that Lefkoe is just ok, but better than what I've heard from Sedona. I haven't read Louise Hay's book in almost 5 years now but I do remember liking that one and have the audiobook.

    1. I'd like to add that I have been following Steve for years and have tried SBI! twice already but did not follow through past writing ~20 articles on my site. I think they have an amazing product and it was easy to do - aside from picking your niche!
      I find it hard to nail down a focused topic I think I will be interested in writing about for so long, so I hope that the eBook option without a website (at least for a while) suits my personality better.

    2. I think Vic's second video was already quite full of information, but he has made clear material and homework assignments to get people over that.

      I have been traveling so I have not watched the third video yet. Also, I was long stuck in the idea collection phase so the next thing for me is to make the keyword research (homework for second video) before I watch the next.

      I will write another review when I am done with this months material.

    3. Thanks for sharing your experiences on SBI!, that is so interesting. What happened to your sites? Did they get any traffic without those articles? Oh, are the sites bundled with SBI! so that you don't get to keep them if you are not on program?

      I agree that picking the niche is hard!

      I wish I'll hear you in the future too. It is so fun to chat with others taking part in this challenge.

    4. I have tried twice; the first time I didn't even get as far as writing any articles (got a refund) and I can't even remember the URL!
      The second time was about 3 years ago now, and I got further (i.e. 20 articles) and I did see about 20 visitors per month just with that small site. I don't know what happens later with the domain name; I have no experience with websites to use it for anything anyway. I guess I might still own the domain though since I paid for it but have no documentation or anything. Maybe that means it is bundled.

      Will keep following your progress!