Sunday, June 10, 2012

Week 4 - Embracing The Change

This week I have finally gotten some routine into my new lifestyle. I love my life now. I do about 4 hours of programming in the morning and then I use the afternoon to either on my hobby projects or to work on my passive income stream. If I want to do something else or change the routine, I can, and I enjoy it. On thursday I was so tired I slept through the whole morning! I can feel there is some extra stress around, but I assume that is normal right now. There is a thing called stress scale that measures how stressful different life changes are and changing a job is in the top 10. So I'm trying not to push myself too much.

I also had my first challenges. My old limiting beliefs crept to the surface, and I canceled the Get Rich With eBooks course. Fortunately, with a little help I noticed what was happening and reactivated my course account. Processing that stuff took a huge amount of mental energy. Stress and worry can kill a project like this, so I smashed them right away. The course came with an affirmations audio. I now listen it on the background when I work. I really like it and it is better than my old set of affirmations.

When I started with Get Rich With eBooks I thought I would not be needing any affirmations of motivational stuff. But I am still a newbie in so many ways, so the best I can do now is to stick to the courses and just do what the teacher says.

Tip of the week

Watch videos and podcasts on double speed. I tried this and realized I could easily follow them double speed. I need to learn much, so this will save hours of my time. No 3 x speed for me though, that needs some practice.

I'm using VLC Viewer, a free software that has an option to open streams over network.

Chris & Steve, thanks for the tip.

Goals for the next week

1. Work on my programming project
2. Create and publish something valuable (Steve's challenge in post Passive Value)

This is the last week before my 2-week vacation, so I want to get the programming project into a phase where others can easily continue working on it.

I already create and publish something valuable almost every week, but I wanted to take Steve's challenge anyway. I have a certain thing in my mind that I want to try.

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